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Swedish folk music in untraditional arrangements, with influences from American folk music and blues.

New release in August 2013! The album Lång väg hem ( A Long way from home) is Malins debute as a songwriter. This is her most personal production so far.

Malin´s powerful stage presence and expressive singing together with her innovative interpretations of traditional material have attracted critical acclaim along with an audience that stretches far beyond the folk music scene. Since the release of the first album in her own name (Jag längtade / I longed) she has firmly established herself as one of Sweden’s most exciting young artists. The media has named Malin “Sweden’s next great folk singer” and placed her album in the best of 2007.

NATTFJÄRIL - Malin Foxdal sings Gillian Welch in Swedish - was released 2010. Contains Malin´s Swedish interpretations of Gillian Welch in arrangements influenced by Swedish, Celtic and American folk music.

The live act unites Swedish, American and British folk music. Swedish interpretations of songs by Gillian Welch stand alongside playful and improvisational arrangements of Swedish classics by Bellman, Taube and Dan Andersson, as well as traditional material. Coloured by slide guitars, Anglo-Swedish fiddle and Celtic cittern the sound is earthy and fragile, intriguing and irresistible.

Malin has worked as a singer for many years and have performed on the biggest stages in Sweden and also toured in Europe and Asia. She has worked with everything from folk rock to early classical music and storytelling as well as music theatre. She is the soloist in Nils Lindberg´s Requiem, a fusion of folk, jazz and classical music and sings the blues with the great guitarist Clas Yngström.
Since the release of the debute Malins has toured with her new live band that, besides her self playing keyboard and octave mandolin, consists of:

Magnus Zetterlund - mandolin, octave mandolin, acoustic and electric guitar

Magnus is one of the most well known mandolin players in Scandinavia. He is a member of the folk music trio Nordic and Primus Motor. Through the years he´s been playing with  Esbjörn Hazelius, Tomas Ledin, Riksteatern, Cirkus Cirkör and Västanå Teater.
Magnus graduated 2007, as the first mandolinist ever, from the Royal Academy of Music in Stockholm.


Mattias Pérez – guitar and dobro

Mattias is a highly appreciated musician and member of several groups, such as MP3 and Outhouse Allstars. He has also worked in Västanå Theatre and teaches at Academy of Music in Ingesund.


Johan Lindbom - double bass

 Peter Bylin - drums and percussion

Emma Reid – fiddle and backing vocals
A well established artist in Britain and Sweden who masters the traditional music from both countries. Emma is a truly natural fiddle player, with a deeply personal style and a real ability to speak through her fiddle. She performs with Robert Harbron, Methera, Roger Wilson and John McCusker to name but a few.